What is the number one quality we need to be considered promotable? As we note in our First Line Promotions coaching model, confidence matters. Hiring managers look toward people who are comfortable taking strategic risks because they believe in themselves. Here are some ways in which we can become more self-assured:

• Acknowledge Accomplishments: One lesson we impart in our First Line Promotions meetings is that it’s important to keep track of what we’ve achieved. A weekly log of accomplishments can motivate us to keep moving forward with our goals. Before an interview, we can review what we’ve done and use that to show where we could add value in a new role.

• Position Yourself as a Star: While humility is important, it’s too easy to downplay our own roles in success. One practice is to listen to ourselves tell a story about a particular achievement. If our go-to response is to put ourselves in a supporting role, we should reframe the story so that our contributions are viewed more significantly.

• Take Credit: Recognition is an important part of our First Line Promotions culture. We also encourage our people to own their successes. When we accept that we are valuable to the organization’s vision, it becomes easier to develop confidence.

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