Traveling has enabled us at First Line Promotions to empower our growth through conferences, trainings, and road campaigns. Between our team members, we have a great deal of experience with travel. We have noted a few trends that are shaping the industry. These could make a significant impact on your business, especially if you travel frequently.

Perhaps the most notable trend is the decline of the major brands. People simply don’t trust large travel brands on name alone anymore. Instead, most travelers are carefully researching every airline, hotel, and venue they use. Of course, this means more power for travelers and greater visibility for small providers.

Although some solutions have been around for decades, virtual reality has in the past few years become accessible to a wide range of people. At First Line Promotions, we have seen an increase in the number of virtual tours and other such content. Even for people without virtual reality devices, getting a digital taste of a trip in advance is becoming popular.

Finally, many travelers are asking for services that more accurately address their needs. There are more flights going to unexpected places and many people are getting outside their normal travel routines. You can expect to see more and more providers offering super personalized travel services.

Technology has had a huge effect on travel in recent years. We at First Line Promotions can’t wait to see these trends continue. Find more information about travel tips and more at