Learning is a key part of how our First Line Promotions team stays competitive. We encourage our associates to adopt student mentalities. A major element of this is offering our people opportunities to take on new challenges. This focus on action and experience leads to even greater professional development outcomes.

Practice truly does make perfect. Reading and listening can be valuable for learning. However, to fully understand a skill or idea, the best method is to try it. Taking risks, and especially making mistakes, can lead to far greater insight into a new ability than simply reading or hearing about it. We try to consistently challenge First Line Promotions team members, so they are always growing.

The reason experience is important is because it is immersive and involves learning through multiple methods. You can learn the theory through traditional methods, then apply it. This means that a larger group of people can achieve greater understanding thanks to the use of different learning techniques.

Another reason that learning by doing is valuable is that the results are hard to deny. People tend to pay more attention to information that is in line with things they already believe. This can make traditional learning methods less effective. Of course, when you try something yourself, you will see the truth first hand.

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