We’ve been sharpening our public speaking skills around the First Line Promotions office. We know they’re essential to sustaining success. As we make progress in these pursuits, we’re learning that the following simple strategies make a world of difference in our ability to impress our listeners.

Telling a memorable story is probably the best way to leave a positive impression on an audience. We sometimes include short anecdotes in our introductions, but we’ve also found it helpful to structure entire speeches in a narrative form. Doing so helps us lend more weight to our main points by building up to them throughout the story.

We’ve also found that visual aids can take our First Line Promotions presentations to a higher level. Although we still use traditional slides to reinforce our messages, simple visual elements off the screen are good for emphasizing certain points. Even using images rather than text on our slides is an effective way to amplify our messages.

Injecting humor into our remarks is another effective strategy for being remembered in a positive light by our listeners. Of course, we only include appropriate levity, sometimes using only a single funny remark early in the speech to get everyone in the audience feeling more relaxed.

Our First Line Promotions speeches are improving all the time thanks to these techniques.