First Line Promotions: On a Mission to Connect the World

Our mission at First Line Promotions is to promote government outreach programs that provide communities with needed telecom tools. We work in concert to determine which markets would benefit most from such opportunities. Staying connected today requires wireless technologies. We’re committed to helping those in need keep pace with the world around them.

Our work reflects First Line Promotions’ commitment to training our associates on the businesses we represent. Each executive knows the services, features, and benefits inside and out. As such, they offer a true competitive edge. Our team is expanding in order to continue providing the first-class service that earned us our reputations as industry leaders.

Providing Valuable Services for Those in Need

At First Line Promotions, we offer a valuable service needed by many communities. Our executives have the personable approach needed to make positive impacts in underserved communities. We are a group of individuals who can manage a team, generate solid connections, and benefit those we serve. We work with coaches who serve as community liaisons, articulating the program’s purpose and benefits to low-income individuals. We see our role as opening up opportunities and providing communication outlets for those who will benefit most.


Government-Sponsored Connections

We believe everyone should be able to stay connected. That’s why we partner with Fortune 500 telecom firms to provide affordable wireless communication devices. Our goal is to provide greater stability for low-income individuals and families by providing them with convenient technologies. These devices can be used to reach out in emergencies, stay connected with educational programs, manage employment obligations, and more. We accomplish this by identifying and engaging the communities that qualify for program assistance. We’re proud to improve lives through meaningful campaigns like this.


Outreach That Matters

This First Line Promotions campaign is an extension of Lifeline Assistance, a federal government program created in partnership with a major telecom brand. It offers those who are economically challenged the chance to obtain free cell phones and monthly minutes. In today’s world, wireless technology is no longer a luxury. It is how people connect with others. People need access to these services to conduct job searches and take care of daily needs. We share this opportunity with qualified individuals who cannot otherwise fulfill this communication need. By providing this valuable tool, we help people access to opportunities they’d otherwise miss.

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