Feedback is perhaps the most valuable tool that you have when it comes to growth. As a leader, you want to ensure that you’re effective when you provide your associates with insights into how they can improve or grow. Our First Line Promotions experts suggest the following considerations will be valuable in this endeavor.

Before you can offer someone advice, you need to build a relationship based on mutual trust. Therefore, our First Line Promotions professionals recommend that you develop a rapport with individual team members. Learn more about them and what’s important to their careers. By making this effort now, not just addressing people when there’s an issue, you’ll form better bonds and have more knowledge on how to address them.

When it does come time to deliver feedback to your associates, you need to do more than just tell them what they need to improve and leave it at that. According to our First Line Promotions executives, effective feedback is a process. You start by addressing the issues logically and explaining the impact. Discuss possible corrective measures so that the person to whom you are providing the input can have a say in the solution. Set an action plan to move forward on the resolution, as well as a milestone date to check in and see if there has been measurable improvement.

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