Public speaking is an important skill for First Line Promotions executives. We want our people to be able to make persuasive pitches in front of audiences of all sizes. So, we teach them strategies that make presentations more impactful. The next time you need to get on stage, consider these guidelines that will fuel your success:

• Use Stories: Narrative is one of the most valuable skills for any presenter. We regularly use storytelling to make our work at First Line Promotions more effective. People connect on both an intellectual and emotional level with stories.

• Speak in Threes: Information grouped into threes is often easiest for audiences to remember. People tend to remember things best when divided into groups of threes. Give your presentation in three segments, suggest action in three steps, and/or repeat a key idea three times.

• Draw From the Audience: Presentations are all about energy. If you bring enthusiasm and excitement to your talk, your listeners will be more engaged. Look for people in the audience who are interested in what you have to say. Speak to these people and use their energy to bolster your own.

• Avoid Jargon: Remember that the most effective talks are easy to understand and connect with. So, keep your language simple. Only use jargon if you are certain your audience is already familiar with it.

These guidelines will lead you to public speaking success. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook