From our firm’s formation, First Line Promotions has incorporated philanthropic activities into our mission. We recognize the value of giving back to our communities because not only are we supporting great causes, but we’re receiving many benefits ourselves. Whether it’s giving as an individual or from a corporate perspective, here are some of the gifts we get in return:

• Have an Impact: One of the chief reasons to engage in philanthropy is it allows us to have a positive impact on our neighbors. As we’ve witnessed through First Line Promotions’ team volunteer efforts, helping others strengthens our community overall. When our region is stronger, it creates a better environment which supports our business as well.

• Build New Connections: Networking is one of the practices we encourage through our First Line Promotions training. There’s no better way to meet business leaders and others than to roll up our sleeves and lend a helping hand. Many influential connections begin by giving back to others.

• Become Leaders: People who take an active role in community organizations and volunteer efforts are recognized as leaders. This image transcends to their personal brands. As such, it can be a factor for future career opportunities as well.

Most importantly, our team is all about giving back to our community because it just feels good to help. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook