We at First Line Promotions are fascinated by how the human brain works. Understanding how we operate allows us to improve our productivity and well-being. There are four chemicals that are chiefly associated with being happy. A few simple changes to your workspace and routine will help boost production of these chemicals:

• Endorphins: Endorphins make you feel good. They relive pain, improve self-esteem, and induce euphoria. For example, when people feel a runner’s high, they have increased endorphin levels. Enhance them through spontaneous fun like playing games as a team.

• Dopamine: This brain chemical is closely associated with the reward system of the brain. At First Line Promotions, we make sure to empower our team members and celebrate their successes. This helps to further increase dopamine levels.

• Serotonin: People who are confident, happy, and relaxed tend to make excellent performers. Serotonin helps with all these feelings and subsequently prevents depression. Make sure your workspace has plenty of natural light. If that isn’t possible, invest in bright artificial lights.

• Oxytocin: We are social beings and can’t be happy without positive relationships. Oxytocin is the chemical that strengthens bonds between people, resulting in loyalty and trust. Showing affection in a work-appropriate manner such as a handshake, friendly hug, or pat on the back will help boost oxytocin.

When you understand these chemicals, you can make yourself and your team happier and more productive. Find more tips like this on First Line Promotions’ website, firstlinepromotions.com.