From the moment our associates join First Line Promotions, we immerse them in a signature training program that is conducive to rapid advancement. Among the lessons we impart is the difference between learning and growing. Let’s explore this concept further

When we were in school, our instructors continually reinforced the notion that learning was about absorbing knowledge. We read textbooks and engaged homework and projects in many subjects to be considered well-rounded individuals (even if we were unsure of trigonometry’s purpose in our futures).

College years were also focused on learning, though more on subjects related to our intended careers. This collegiate experience would be an example of learning to grow. As we note in our First Line Promotions advancement program, the point of gaining knowledge is centered on how we apply it. Like with college, what we learn on the job should have a purpose toward our career growth.

Our First Line Promotions coaching program is designed to help our people set goals for professional and personal development. We strive to have them apply what they’ve learned right away. With individualized plans, they can determine what they know and what they need to become more proficient on to reach that next level. This is the difference between learning and growing.

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